24 Day Challenge

As you already know, there are many different weight loss plans on the market.  As a matter of fact, there are over 4000 diet and exercise books in print, and they all seem to contradict each other.  High fat, low fat, eat this, eat that…  People are confused to say the least.  We teach our clients that nutrition and supplementation account for 70% of your progress when fat loss is the goal.  The problem is that we focus on the exercise program only and don’t spend enough time learning what works with regard to nutrition and supplementation.  If you have been frustrated with diets in the past, you are in the right place.  Your frustration is over.

I  have been using a program called the 24 Day Challenge with amazing success.  The average person is losing 10 pounds and 9 inches in their first 24 days.  That’s average – some people who are doing more.  Let me be clear on one thing: This is not a diet.  “Eat less to lose weight” does not work.  Diets have you feeling tired, hungry, and so crabby that no one wants to be around you.  We focus on feeding your body high quality nutrients that “feed muscle and starve unwanted body fat.”  The 24 Day Challenge is a system. If you follow it step by step, you will be successful.

The 24 Day Challenge program incorporates exercise, a well-balanced diet, and nutritional products into an easy to follow program. There is NO cost for the nutritional consulting you will get. There is no cost for the exercise program designed by your Fitness Professionals. The ONLY cost is for the Advocare nutritional supplements that are a part of the 24 Day Challenge. You can even get some of your friends involved with you and make it a real challenge. Let’s hear some of the success stories detailing the benefits of our 24 Day Challenge.

“Before starting the 24 day advocare challenge I was drinking 4 sodas a day and eating candy every nite. Sparks energy drink help me get off the sodas and candy bars. It gave me the energy I needed throughout the day. I lost 13lbs and 5 1/2 inches on the 24 day challenge!!!! This was a great jump start to a healthier lifestyle.”

-Joanna Lawrence-


“I lost 8 lbs and 7 inches which is great but what’s really amazing is the energy I have. I’ve never gotten so much house cleaning done!”

-Martha Eaves-



“I started the 24 day challenge weighing 180 pounds and drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day. By the time I finished I droped 11 lbs of body fat, stoped drinking coffee altogether and have my workouts feeling better than ever. I still cant belive I got my beach body in 24 days!”

-Casey Comstock-



“Before starting the 24 day challenge I thought I was eating pretty good. After following the program I realized just how much the little things make a difference. I lost a total of 7lbs and 4 and 1/2 inches. My energy level feels fantastic and I’m able to fit into jeans I haven’t worn since high school!”

 -Angie Hughes-



“I had reached a plato in my weight reduction which is when Bret recommended the 24 day challenge. Right away I felt my energy go through the roof as well as my stomach area feeling tighter. I ended up losing 6.5 lbs of body fat and 6.5 inches during the 24 days. This happened after already changing my eating habits and losing 38 pounds over the last 2 and half years! Its amazing what adding high qualty supplements can do for your health and performance!”

-Wally Balden-









Pat Wood lost an incredible 22 pounds of body fat in 24 days!

Pat’s is one of many incredible stories of rapid success on the 24 Day Challenge. Do you want to hear more about it? How about getting started? I want to help you get the best results possibel in the shortest amount of time!

How much? The 24 Day Challenge gives you all the tools to get you started right away: simple directions, easy to follow plans that tell you EXACTLY what to do every day, and professional consulting to answer any questions you may have. What, when, and how much to eat are all detailed.  We’ll teach you how to exercise to get the most benefit from your program. Many people pay $50-$100 per hour for professional help from a nutritionist, dietitian, or personal trainer. You get help from people who have helped hundreds of others just like you get results from this program, like Joanna, who lost 13 lbs of body fat in just 24 days. It also includes the nutritional products needed to complete the 24 Day Challenge. How much would you pay to get proven results? How about a litte over $8 a day, about the price of lunch every day?

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Not in the Saint Louis area but still want to start?

The program has been designed so that we can help people who are not in the area, too. We’ll walk you through the program by phone and email. We offer support before, during and after the 24 Day Challenge helping you build good nutrition habits into your life and maintaining them!

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